21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Barefoot Contessa" That Were Made With Good Vanilla

“How easy was that?”

When you look at her resumé and you realize Ina could be running the country:

Seriously, what CAN’T she do?!

When you hear those tinkling piano keys, and you suddenly have the urge to twerk a little:

This very accurate layout of how to make an episode of Barefoot Contessa:

And this drinking game for the show that might actually cause alcohol poisoning:

This way-too-accurate description of Ina’s taste:

And this one, too:

Proof that other gay icons out there better watch their backs, because Ina is coming:

When you’re watching the show and you hear exactly what you want:

This Barefoot Contessa-inspired “steal her look”:

Proof that Ina is the only gay ally we need:

And this goal which is now at the top of my bucket list:

But if you can’t become one of Ina’s gays, then this will do just fine:

This way-too-accurate scenario, as described by Ina:

When you start to describe your life in Ina Garten recipes:

Or when you think about how ridiculous her ingredients can make you feel:

Seriously, she’s bougie AF:

Although…what do we have here?!

But then you realize no one could ever be on Ina’s level:

When you want Ina to serve a little more sass:

And finally, when you kind of wish these imaginary Barefoot Contessa quotes were real:

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/celebrity.xml

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