A Homosexual Ranks The 17 Best Fifth Harmony Songs

This list is 100% accurate because I’m gay.

“Write On Me”

To be honest, I'm still not completely sure if this song is about j*z**g on someone or not. Still, we love a c*m!


“That’s My Girl”

"That's My Girl"

The gayest thing that ever happened to me in the past six months was when this song came on in a gay bar and a room full of homosexuals started frantically fist-pumping and SCREAMING “THAAAAT'S MY GIRL” like it was season two of the dang Jersey Shore.

Frazer Harrison



“Sadly Never Released” – The Fifth Harmony story.

Epic/Sony Records

“Going Nowhere”

"Going Nowhere"

Stay mad that this song is on this list.

Marcus Ingram

“1,000 Hands”

"1,000 Hands"

We love a cute unreleased power ballad. One of their best!

Epic/Sony Records

“Worth It”

We love a feminist anthem that the general public loved as well.


“He Like That”

Pumps and bumps. Pumps and bumps!!!!!!! Cocaine shaking.


“Gonna Get Better”

"Gonna Get Better"

I honestly just love the way Ally says “money man.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

“Miss Movin’ On”

We love a breakup song by 12-year-olds. Middle school romances are always the messiest.




They say “fuck” in this song. I still haven't recovered.


“I Lied”

"I Lied"

Gorgeous in every way shape and form. NO………lies…detected. Sorry.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

“Don’t Say You Love Me”

"Don't Say You Love Me"

A song the gay media doesn't talk about enough!! Disgraceful.

Jason Koerner


Edgy, cool, and criminally underrated. It's homophobic this wasn't a hit.


“Lonely Night”

"Lonely Night"

They released 72 singles in the span of seven days from the Fifth Harmony album but forgot the best one. SMH!

Theo Wargo

“Work From Home”

This is basically the new gay National Anthem.


“Big Bad Wolf”

"Big Bad Wolf"

Like all of the best things in life, this was a Japanese bonus track. That makes me want to die, no offense, but at least we still got a professional version of it unlike all of their other great unreleased material.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images


A song that should have been number one for 83 weeks but the general public fucking disgusts me!!!!


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