Here's What The "SYTYCD" Winners Are Up To These Days

OMG, Fik-Shun is still killin’ the game.

Nick Lazzarini — Season 1

Iconic dance: ALL his solos

What he's doing now: Lazzarini has performed with Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Florence and the Machine. He's the co-founder of the Los Angeles-based dance company, Shaping Sound, and he also teaches on tour for JUMP Dance Convention.

Benji Schwimmer — Season 2

Iconic dance: “La Comay

What he's doing now: Schwimmer choreographed ice-skating fan fave Adam Rippon's Olympic debut, and has also won a ton of swing dance competitions. He was recently asked to audition for So You Think You Can Dance and I'm still laughing about it.

Sabra Johnson — Season 3

Sabra Johnson — Season 3

Iconic dance: “Sweet Dreams

What she's doing now: Since her win back in 2007, Johnson has danced all over the world, including Mexico, Austria, Germany, and Vietnam. She is currently a dance teacher and recently created and directed her first full-length dance piece, Between Us.

Joshua Allen — Season 4

Iconic dance: “No Air

What he's doing now: Allen has appeared as a dancer in Step Up 3, Footloose, American Horror Story, and Community. In August 2017, Allen was sentenced to one year in county jail after pleading no contest to domestic violence.

Jeanine Mason — Season 5

Iconic dance: “If It Kills Me

What she's up to now: Mason still dances her heart out, but she's currently playing Dr. Sam Bello on the hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Russell “Gutta” Ferguson — Season 6

Iconic dance: “I Can Transform Ya

What he's up to now: Ferguson is a dance teacher and currently doing Side Street Dancers.

Lauren Froderman — Season 7

Iconic dance: “Collide

What she's up to now: Froderman is a professional dancer in LA and was recently on tour with Excel in Motion.

Melanie Moore — Season 8

Iconic dance: “Turn To Stone

What she's up to now: Moore has been on the Broadway scene for the past few years, starring in Fiddler on the Roof, Finding Neverland, and currently Hello, Dolly!. She also has a REALLY CUTE DOG NAMED PIPPA.

Eliana Girard — Season 9

Iconic dance: “Bang Bang

What she's up to now: Girard continues to dance her way on stage, supporting artists such as Taylor Swift, Nas, and Helene Fischer.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp — Season 9

Iconic dance: ALL 👏 OF 👏 HIS 👏 SOLOS 👏

What he's up to now: Since winning the male top spot in Season 9, Chehon has founded creative dance brand, IAMFORCE.

Amy Yakima — Season 10

Iconic dance: “Wicked Game

What she's up to now: Yakima joined former contestants Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini at Shaping Sound, was a dancer in Carrie Underwood's “Something in the Water,” and recently made her Broadway debut as Peter Pan in Finding Neverland (a role originated by Season 8 winner, Melanie Moore).

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall — Season 10

Iconic dance: “After Party

What he's up to now: Fik-Shun was recently on NBC's World of Dance and was eliminated after this incredible number. He also uploads some seriously amazing dance vids to Instagram!

Ricky Ubeda — Season 11

Iconic dance: “Oh Darling

What he's up to now: After winning Season 11, Ubeda has made waves on the Broadway scene with credits in On the Town, CATS, and the upcoming musical Carousel.

Gaby Diaz — Season 12

Iconic dance: “Take My Hand, Precious Lord

What she's up to now: After Diaz won, she joined Jennifer Lopez in Vegas for the “All I Have” residency. She's now in Shaping Sound with former contestants Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Lex Ishimoto.

Leon “Kida” Burns — Season 13

Iconic dance: “Panda

What he's up to now: Kida the Great danced on stage with Usher at the 2016 BET Awards, he's a World of Dance all-star, and he continues to kill it on Instagram.

Lex Ishimoto — Season 14

Iconic dance: His INCREDIBLE audition.

What he's up to now: Ishimoto is currently joined by several other SYTYCD alum at Shaping Sound, including Season 14 contestant and girlfriend, Taylor Sieve.


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