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Working with color is one of the most enjoyable aspects of crochet. In her book, Crochet with Color, Violet Henderson teaches you all about color and how to incorporate it into your crochet projects. First Violet gives you a complete tutorial on color theory. She covers how to use the color wheel to choose colors, and the different types of color schemes used by artists. Violet provides you with examples of the five main types of color schemes; contrasting, analogous, triadic, tetradic, and square. She also gives you tips for choosing the color scheme for you next crochet project. Next Violet moves onto the three most popular crochet color techniques. • Intarsia Crochet – The Intarsia technique is used to create pictures in crochet. You will learn how to read a crochet chart, how to make clean and even color changes, and how gauge affects the finished size of a project. • Fair Isle Crochet – Popular in knitting, Fair Isle is also a popular crochet color technique. You will learn how to strand colors and read a Fair Isle chart to create intricate and beautiful Fair Isle patterns in your crochet projects. • Tapestry Crochet – Tapestry crochet creates a thick and sturdy fabric perfect for bags, rugs, and other projects. You will learn how to carry the colors across the rows and encase them in the active stitch. Violet also teaches you how to read a Tapestry chart to create bold and stunning patterns in crochet projects. Each technique is taught with easy to understand instructions and lots of clear large images. Violet also shares five of her favorite color stitch patterns. She teaches you how to figure out your starting foundation chain with an easy math lesson. Each stitch is explained so that even a beginner can master them. The stitches included in this book are as follows: • The Clever Blocks Stitch • The Waves Stitch • The Houndstooth Stitch • The Diamond Stitch • The Rick Rack Stitch If you love color, or want to learn how to use color in your crochet projects, Crochet with Color by Violet Henderson is the book for you. With easy to understand instructions and tutorials, as well as large clear images, you’ll be having fun with color and creating stunning and attractive projects in no time. Don’t miss out on this great reference book, get your copy today!

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