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Beginner skill level
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Get to know your machine and the basics of pinning, stitching, pressing and finishing as you make a pillow and a pencil skirt.

Increase your sewing savvy with fit and finishing techniques from Diana Rupp of Make Workshop. In Sewing Studio, she’ll walk you through two classic patterns – an Envelope Pillow and Naughty Secretary Skirt – using methods you’ll use again and again. Create them using patterns from her book Sew Everything Workshop (not included with this class), or substitute with patterns of your choice. Watch step-by-step tutorials on zipper insertion, lining a skirt, adding darts, finishing with French seams and much more.

What you get:

  • 16 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Tips on getting to know your sewing machine
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Diana in our virtual classroom

The Craftsy Guarantee:

  • Watch classes on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want
  • Your access never expires
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Lesson plan:

  1. Introduction & Materials (2:54)

    The course begins with a brief introduction to the Sewing Studio and Diana Rupp, author of Sew Everything Workshop.

  2. French Seamed Envelope Pillow, Part I (30:16)

    While working on your pillow, you will learn about fabric construction, different types of edges, cutting, hemming, seam allowances and how to construct the French seam.

  3. French Seamed Envelope Pillow, Part II (45:46)

    In this session, you will assemble, sew, press and finish your pillow.

  4. Sewing From A Commercial Pattern (41:08)

    Diana explains the nuts and bolts of reading commercial sewing patterns and gives you the skinny on sizing conventions, pattern problems and other insider tips.

  5. The Mockup: Pinning Your Toile (23:14)

    Diana walks you through all the steps of laying out and pinning your toile or mockup for the Naughty Secretary Skirt.

  6. The Mockup: Cutting & Marking (20:34)

    Continuing on with the toile of the Naughty Secretary Skirt, Diana demonstrates several cutting and marking techniques and explains how they will jazz up your sewing.

  7. The Mockup: Sewing, Darts, Seams & Zippers (58:59)

    In this jam-packed session, Diana shows you how to sew the darts on your skirt toile, install an invisible zipper and sew your side and center back seams.

  8. The Mockup: Tailoring & Fit (38:29)

    Using the toile or muslin, Diana teaches you how to make major and minor alterations to your Naughty Secretary Skirt.

  9. Cutting Your Garment (12:42)

    Diana shows you how to use the tailored pattern you created with your toile to cut out the fabric for your “real” skirt.

  10. Stay Stitching (6:04)

    This quick yet vital step helps to keep your seams intact. Stay-stitching also keeps bias-cut or curved pieces from distorting as you sew.

  11. Bias Tape Waistband (16:26)

    Using bias tape, Diana shows you how to make a fun and flirty waistband, a wide structured waistband or a peek-a-boo contrast waistband.

  12. The Lining: Sewing & Inserting (17:12)

    While assembling and inserting the lining for your Naughty Secretary Skirt, Diana covers everything from fabrics to seams to the importance of pressing.

  13. Hem (9:32)

    Hemming made easy: Diana takes you carefully through the steps of hemming both the Naughty Secretary Skirt and the skirt lining.

  14. Slip Stitch & Finishing (13:12)

    Put the finishing touches on your skirt. Diana demonstrates hand sewing, the quilter’s knot and the slip stitch, bringing you through the home stretch. Congratulations!

  15. For Reference: Know Your Machine (28:23)

    This detailed discussion of the sewing machine will equip you with the know-how you need to create fabulous and professional-looking projects.

  16. For Reference: Threading the Machine, Bobbins & More (24:52)

    This tutorial is great for beginners, but it is also a handy review for those of you who have been away from your sewing machine for a while.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Web Browser

Beginner skill level
Watch classes on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want
Your access never expires
100% money back guarantee

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