This Is What Kylie Jenner's Bodyguard Looks Like. You're Welcome.

::fans self::

As you know, this is Kylie Jenner and her daughter, Stormi.

Instagram: @kyliejenner

As you also know, Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, is Stormi’s father.

Hello, this is Tim Chung.

As you can see, he’s very beautiful.

Nay, a fucking SNACK 👏 AND 👏 A 👏 HALF 👏!

Instagram: @timmm

UNF! You eat that pizza!

Instagram: @timmm

Whatever it was, I did it. I’m guilty. Arrest me, I’m begging you!

I’m just gonna let this caption speak for itself…

Instagram: @timmm

How do people look like this?!

Instagram: @timmm

All I’m saying is that if he’s going to father anybody’s kids, they sure as hell better be mine!

Instagram: @timmm


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