We Got John Krasinski To Play "Would You Rather: Horror Edition" – Do You Agree With His Answers?

Although John Krasinski has admitted to being something of a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies, his latest acting and directorial role sees him move into the genre, with terrifying consequences for the audience. With praise from the likes of Ryan Reynolds and horror master Stephen King, it’s not surprising that A Quiet Place holds an almost perfect score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. So after sitting through enough tension and suspense to give us abs (admittedly those abs were gone in five seconds), BuzzFeed grabbed John for a game of Would You Rather: Horror Edition. But don't worry, we're not leaving you out – you can play along too!

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1. Would you rather be the lone survivor of an apocalypse or stranded alone in shark-infested waters?

John Krasinski: I would choose to be the lone survivor of an apocalypse because shark-infested waters, that’s just pure death. I’d try to at least fight it out in the apocalypse, because nobody said zombies. Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe I get the space I finally wanted.

2. Would you rather die first in a horror movie or be the last one standing and have to fight off the villain on your own?

JK: Definitely at the end, give the villain a good whirl, because in almost all horror movies the protagonist wins. So would I rather be killed or be a winning hero? [laughs] I’ll take hero, thanks.

3. Would you rather face a killer clown or a possessed doll?

JK: That’s what we call a lose-lose, everybody. A killer clown, from the description, is going to kill you, and so I’m going to go with the possessed doll because there’s a chance I’m not killed.

4. Would you rather have your car break down on a deserted road at night, or not start properly when you’re trying to escape?

JK: Certainly I’d like it to stall when I’m on a deserted road. Again, this theme coming back of having a chance to survive. If it stalls during an escape, that’s pretty – not guaranteed – but it’s a good chance I’m gonna die.

5. Would you rather walk through the woods at night or walk through a cemetery at night?

JK: I would definitely walk through a cemetery because mentally you think that horrible zombies are gonna come out, but the truth is, other than that one option, you’re fine. In the woods, hundreds of things could kill you. Hundreds. Over one hundred.

6. Would you rather be chased by a masked villain or haunted by a paranormal entity?

JK: Now, this is tough because neither of them are guaranteed death so it’s just what’s your threshold for annoyance, and a masked villain doesn’t say he’s a masked killer. He’s just a villain, so maybe we rob banks together. I’ll choose him, because he could end up being a laugh. He could be real fun.

7. Would you rather receive a phone call when you’re home alone and only hear heavy breathing, or receive a text from an unknown number saying “I can see you”?

JK: I’d rather get the text, because it’s more likely a lie, right? Let’s be honest, everything we do on our phones is kind of a curated experience, it’s not real. So the person very most often can’t see me. Or I’m wrong and I’m dead – that’s the other option.

8. Would you rather play a Ouija board with friends or watch a terrifying horror movie on your own?

JK: Definitely watch a horror movie, because I can order a pizza and eat Häagen-Dazs after that. A Ouija board, I’ll probably get sucked into the floor and be beheaded.

9. Would you rather see something terrifying when you look up into the mirror, or feel something touch your foot while it’s hanging out of your bed?

JK: Does that mean I’m terrifying when I look into the mirror? Like I’m a nightmare? Are you talking about a zit? Are you talking about something’s behind me? I don’t know, I’m gonna chalk this up to too confusing. I definitely don’t want something to touch my foot under the bed, so I’ll take the mirror and the zit.

10. Would you rather face Freddy Krueger every time you fall asleep, or face the creatures from A Quiet Place every time you make a sound?

JK: How long can I not go to sleep? I mean, with a slight bit of medication, probably a week. So I could avoid Freddy for a week. These creatures I couldn’t avoid for 10 minutes. I’ll take Freddy. And if nothing else, I get a good haircut from it.

11. Would you rather hide under the bed or in the closet?

JK: The closet because there’s a door. It’s at least one weapon you didn't think to have. I can’t lift a bed and throw that. I can probably shift it and move it a little, which doesn’t do anything other than give away my whereabouts.

12. Would you rather spend the night in a supposedly haunted house or in an abandoned hospital?

JK: Nooo, the hospital is not gonna happen. Nope. And if it’s abandoned, even worse. Just a hospital would scare me, and now an abandoned hospital? No.

13. Would you rather have your phone ring at the moment when you’re trying to hide, or have no phone signal when you need it to call for help?

JK: Who am I hiding from? I might just be hiding from the pizza delivery guy to stiff him on a tip, so I mean what’s the worst that can happen if the phone rings when I’m trying to hide? But if I’m trying to call for help and I have no service, that’s a lose-lose for everybody.

14. Would you rather follow a strange noise down into the basement or up into the attic?

JK: I’d choose the attic. I think the basement just leads to bad things. Even just, like, pipes and some scarier noises down there.

15. Would you rather trip and fall as you’re running away or run into a locked door?

JK: Obviously trip and fall when I’m running away because I can get up from it. A locked door? Guys, this is more of a math experiment. This is a probability thing.

16. Would you rather move into a new house and find out it’s haunted, or move to a new town and find out everybody’s part of the same creepy cult?

JK: The haunted house is an annoyance, but the cult could end up being cool. Maybe I’m the outsider that needs to be converted. Maybe these people are all outliers, they’re free-thinkers, maybe they’ve got something that they know that I don’t. Doesn’t say that the cult’s gonna kill me. Maybe they like Kool-Aid.

17. Would you rather face a zombie onslaught or battle against an alien invasion?

JK: I don’t think anyone’s battling an alien invasion. The word “invasion” means you don’t have a lot of time. A zombie onslaught, I mean, that could just be good zombie PR. Maybe it’s not an onslaught, maybe it’s just a couple of them running at you but they call it an onslaught. I’ll take the zombie onslaught.

You can catch John Krasinski alongside Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place, in cinemas now.

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