11 Hair Trends That Will Make 2018 A Very, Very Pretty Year

And the names are borderline genius, too.

Hollywood Opal

This look combines “Old Hollywood” soft waves with a softer, more subtle version of the popular mermaid hair trend.



The idea with this platinum-look is that when your hair moves, there are notes of “shimmery shades” that pop up for a split second, making you wonder if you've actually seen them or not — hence, “ghosted.” LOL.



The name has recently been coined by Revelist, and it basically involves a deliciously beautiful mix of deep yellows and vibrant oranges. Perfect for a shopping trip to Hogsmeade.



Described as a “happy accident” by its creator Danielle Wade, it is just glitter combined with hair gel painted onto the hair. So, it's not a color process, but a styling process.


Mac and cheese

This hunger-inducing color has been making the rounds on IG lately and, tbh, looks perfect for spring.


Ice blonde

Kim Kardashian and mom Kris recently shared a photo of themselves sporting this very Khaleesi-esque look on Valentine's Day. For only the most fashionable of White Walkers.

Instagram: @hairbychelsea_suzette

Reverse Balayage

This inverted take on a more traditional balayage, which has been pioneered by hairstylist Deryn Daniels, flips the dark roots to the bottom.


Pink lemonade

This BURST of pretty pink and yellow is perfect for summer. Superstar Constance Wu is even sporting the look, now!


Mulled wine

With a deep burgundy base, this color also incorporates subtle orange and cinnamon tints…and it's cozy AF.


Rose gold

This is like a baby pink blended with warm, brassy golds — ya know, kinda like Kylie Jenner circa fall of 2016.


Ashy violet

This muted lavender color was recently spotted by Marie Claire, and tbh, looks completely ethereal.


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/celebrity.xml

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